“Learn to live in the moment and discover how our happiness grows”

“Exercise, Meditation, Proper breathing, Healing touch, Healthy food choices, Life coaching, Leadership-training, listening music, Motivation and Social Support are the essence of HETS Life”

Formation of HETS Life

H Holistic: ‘Treating the whole person rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease’
E Exercise: ‘A Physical activity carried out for the sake of health and fitness’
T Therapy: ‘Treatment intended to heal a disorder’
S System: ‘A set of things working together as an interconnecting network’
Life: ‘Become active, lively or interesting and life management’

What is special in HETS Life®?

  • Very easy to learn and adaptable to various ‘busy’ life situations!

  • Simple theories, which includes the basics of general psychology

  • An opportunity to learn the basics of martial arts through HETS Life sessions!

  • Exercise forms will be chosen according to your needs (depends on your health status)

  • Personality and Leadership coaching

  • Theory classes through the special ‘HETS Life Curriculum’

  • Training sessions, Workshops and Seminars

Benefits of HETS Life®

  • Effective therapy system for your whole body, mind & energy

  • Rejuvenate the body and release stress and physical tension

  • More oxygen in the blood and body to enhance metabolism, accelerate weight loss and detoxify the whole body

  • Improve physical strength and stamina in a short period of time

  • Develop effective personality and leadership quality

  • Reduces the risk of Chronic diseases

  • Increases Longevity

  • Enhance and protect brain function

Five pillars of HETS Life®

Exercise Practices

Health Education

Nature Cure


Life Skills