SIX Levels of HETS Life Program
(Six elements of the universe and its six levels of exercise and life management curriculum):

Yoga therapy & Diet:

Our fundamental aim and use of Yoga Therapy is to expand the qualities of our Love, Joy, Security, Confidence, Intelligence, Intuition, Awareness & Higher abilities. Yoga therapy eliminates the root causes of illnesses. Yoga is becoming popular worldwide for its curative aspect.

“Yoga therapy has proved effective in a variety of disorders and is being used today not only by yoga practitioner but by wider circles of medical and paramedical practitioners. In the yoga therapy the medical consultation may be very much beneficial”- Swami Vivekananda Saraswati.

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In our HETSLife® Centre we offer yoga as a supplementary therapy for various physical and mental illnesses. Yoga therapy is very effective for following diseases:

·       Acidity
·       Asthma
·       Arthritis
·       Allergy
·       Anaemia
·       Body pains
·       Constipation
·       Diabetes
·       Dyspepsia
·       Hypertension (High BP)
·       Headache
·       Insomnia
·       Leucoderma
·       Lumbago
·       Menstrual Disorders
·       Obesity
·       Stress & Depression
·       Fear & Anxiety

Corporate Workshops & Counselling:

HETSLife® Centre conducts various corporate workshops and counselling programs for the busy life executives. It gives the space to manage stress effectively, in this way, the workshops benefits the workplace by increasing energy levels, high productivity, ability to focus and improves attention span.
We also provide individual counselling and psychological support to the corporate executives and employers.  
The workshops are generally of three to six hours duration and have useful contents as follows:
Workshop 1: Executive Health & Fitness (Five Hours)
·         Holistic Exercises
·         Breathing exercises
·         Basic Meditation for relaxation
·         Nutrition & Diet concepts
Workshop 2: Stress Management & Relaxation (Three Hours)
·         Group Discussion: Stress
·         Stress Management Concepts
·         Breathing Exercises
·         Nutrition & Diet
Workshop 3: Executive Life Coaching (Four Hours)
·         Group Discussion
·         Train your life
·         Team Work & Conflict management
Workshop 4: Personal Effectiveness & Life Transformation (Six hours)
·         Group Discussion – 1
·         Managing the self
·         Meditation & holistic exercises
·         Group Discussion – 2
·         Change in you


These workshops are unique, refreshing and enjoyable for our participants.
Note: The workshops can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements of our clients.
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