An integrated approach to health, fitness & cure:

With modernization, people are not really concerned with their health which has become one of the concerns. Many people suffer from work stress, sickness due to lack of exercises which causes imbalances in the body and mind which can be recovered through simple holistic exercise practices and life skills programs. The goal of HETS Life® will facilitate body, mind, energy and spirit integration. HETS Life® Centre offers an integrated approach to Health, Fitness and Healing that includes exercise practices, health education, nature cure, meditations and life skills.

HETS Life®

HETS Life® (Holistic Exercise Therapy System & Life Transformation), is a simplified form of exercise and life management system for everyone, and it can be practiced without any barriers of age, gender, size, stamina, strength and suppleness. HETS is formed and designed after years of studies and researches on various healing methods and exercise systems in MARTIAL ARTS, YOGA, CHI KUNG, and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES. Personality development sessions and leadership coaching are also included as unavoidable aspects of HETS Life®. But it goes far beyond just a mere exercise routine. It is an integrated system of techniques by which we develop our hidden potentials to the fullest. One of the most compelling reasons to start practicing it is the holistic outlook it takes – engaging mind, body, spirit and energy. “Exercise, Meditation, Proper breathing, Healing touch, Healthy food choices, Life coaching, Leadership-training, listening music, Motivation and Social Support are the essence of HETS Life”

The best result comes when a person combines all of the above mentioned aspects of life. The younger, the old, the extremely aged, even the sick and the infirm obtain perfection in HETS Life® by constant practice.


HETS Life® Mission

Our mission is to integrate the five pillars of life transformation into a model that guide the individual towards self-realization and happiness.

Your Guide & Coach:

Dr.Cibi J Francis

Dr. Cibi John Francis is a dedicated, versatile and dynamic professional with a successful background delivering substantial improvements in standards of teaching and learning. A competent strategist, and possesses excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation skills and the ability to develop mutually beneficial partnerships both internally and externally. A motivational leader capable of coaching and empowering people to enable them to fulfill their potential whilst ensuring that they make a positive contribution to the achievement of objectives.

He is an educator, author, Leadership and Management coach, Registered Counsellor (Specialist), Registered Ethno Health Care Practitioner (South Africa), traditional Yoga Master, a recognised martial arts instructor and the founder & Head Coach of HETS Life®. Dr. Cibi is a research scholar of various alternative medicinal and human sciences like Ethno psychology, Naturopathy, Sociology, Medical Anthropology, Clinical Herbalism, Yoga Science, Exercise therapy, Martial arts science and Youth research and development. He is also an Advisory Board Member of World Yoga Foundation, INDIA and the author of the book “Breaking the Stress”. For more information and projects visit his personal website: